Full Moon!

Oct. 27th, 2015 03:52 pm
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There was a most glorious nearly-full moon last night.  I'm looking forward to the really full one tonight - though of course it might by then have slipped into just-past-full-moon; the pleasure of knowing which is still to come.  :)   

(It looks like there's some lovely conjunctions coming up, too - but they'll be early morning… I'm not too sure I can manage that.)


There's absolutely no exciting news in my life; 


dull news follows - )


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Not in total review - but in terms of fannishness and writing. 

From January to May, more or less, I wrote the last seven chapters of The Ivory Merchants - that took about 36,000 words.Then I wrote two Narnia Fic Exchange 2014 stories - a "real" one, "the marks of that which once hath been", which was about quasi-sisterly relationships, and the possibility of redemption (or of a fresh start, rather) and the damage good people can do -
and a pinch-hit, To hold back the night ,which was an Everybody Lives, Last Battle AU. They were about 19,000 words between them,
and I later added a chapter to a pre-existing Doctor Whoish story, Give and Take, which was about the relationship which Donna Noble and Mercy Hartigan build for themselves - that added a further  couple of thousand words... so all up, I posted about 57,000 words through the year.
Oh, and I posted a poem!  A Narnian re-imagining of an Horatian ode about how the return of Spring implies the inevitability of death.

I very much missed the NarniaFanFictionRevolution community on Livejournal, which melted away somewhere around the end of 2013.  I miss the sense of community there, and the fun of the weekly challenges.  Songsmith valiantly opened up a separate forum to fill the gap left by the NFFR's passing, and I've enjoyed the discussion there so far, especially the meta,and the mutual support about writing - and it's pushed me to consider what things I might possibly tackle in 2015, which is cheerful! 

And I've tried to expand the base from which I can write fanfiction.  (Lots of the stories I know well don't feel like they lend themselves to fanfic, for various reasons.)  So I've been watching Classic Who (very enjoyable!) and Farscape (possible) and Firefly (too many unbending archetypes) and reading Vorkosigan (great worldbuilding and premises; loved Ethan of Athos, especially, so far; was deeply startled and saddened by [redacted]'s death). Oh, and I'm looking forward to some deep Tolkiening early in the year, sitting at the feet of more learned others!  :)


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