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And now it's here!  :)  Year of the Wood Horse! - a year of adventure, fast victories, unexpected romance, and people sticking to their guns, they say.    And less desirably, a year of volcanoes and explosions (real and notional) as well.  :( 

A safe and brilliantly surprising year to you all! 
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So... what did I manage to write in 2013?

Lots of three-sentence fictions, for a start, in March and April, and then again in December; I enjoyed that very much indeed, playing with ideas and fandoms a bit out of my usual range (darkness! Shakespeare! Napoleonic intrigue!)

I made a good solid start on a long Narnian story - twelve chapters in and about two-thirds through. 
For the Narnia Fic Exchange, I wrote a middle-length story, which was as close as I've come to a Romance.  :D  And then two more stories for the Madness Round, one very this-world, and one about a famed Beast in Narnia.

Two fix-it fics, in response to the appalling treatment of good women on Doctor Who, and another Doctor Who story, in response to a fundraiser prompt. (And that was fun - to feel that my writing was doing some good in the world!  Besides giving pleasure to me and to readers, I mean.)

And also a very small Christmas story, which (appropriately enough, since the action was clandestine and in the dark :D) passed very quietly indeed.

All up, a bit over eighty thousand words, which I feel happy about.  Happy and also very appreciative of the help, encouragement, and excitement  I have found in this writing community.  Thank you all for that - and also for the many, many fascinating, thought-provoking and plain terrific posts and stories I have read!

And for this year?  I'll maybe be writing a bit less; I think there may be distractions coming up, pleasant and not-so-pleasant - the pleasant bits being more travel (hooray!)  starting with Angkor Wat later this month.  (I love ancientness!) 

I should be seizing the day and writing another chapter of 'The Ivory Merchants', but instead, I have started off the year boldly!  with a remix of Horace's Ode 4-7, his sombre reflection on the meaning of spring; I thought it played well against the coming of Aslan's Spring to Narnia -  'played well' in the sense of counterpoint, not harmony.  It features a Tumnus who has been through a lot which isn't mentioned in canon (grief, guilt), along with a not-known-to-history friend.

And may it be a very good year for you all, and wisdom and sanity and gentleness prevail in the world.


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