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Two fannish things

1. Nirvana in Fire - I'm getting deeper in; the turnings of the plot are getting grimmer and more challenging -  not in terms of visible bloodshed, but more in terms of the damage wreaked by ruthless and amoral politicking.  That sounds so simple - like the Sheriff of Nottingham - but it isn't like that; nothing is simple and innocence is lost, and the consequences of actions keep rippling out forever. 
The damage, including spiritual damage, rebounds everywhere, including on those who commit to wrenching things and people back from their destructive trajectories, to restore right.  I'm reminded of Shakespeare: "the time is out of joint.  Oh cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right."

2. Halfamoon has finished, I suppose; at least, it was billed as running for the first fourteen days of February.  As the organisers half-anticipated, people's engagement was way down this year.  I myself couldn't seem to manage any fiction; I posted three short pieces about characters who met the prompt criteria - appreciations of bad, wonderful Senora Madeline Neroni, and of two of the women in Nirvana in Fire, and of Missee Lee, who is, IMO right now, the most stunningly impressive heroine in all of twentieth century children's fiction.

Two LJ things - one pleasant, one puzzling

1. The problem I mentioned a little while back, about difficulty updating an entry, is now solved - thank you, <user name=maraun.livejournal.com>!  (And the trouble there, in that last sentence, is all Dreamwidth's.  I've tried three separate ways to link to maraun, beginning and ending with the style set out in DW's FAQ.  None of them has worked.)

2. In my inbox is a message reading, in its entirety: "(You are not authorized to view this comment.)"  Then why send it to me?   (Is there any person who's sent me a message which I seem to be ignoring, perhaps?)

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I've seen the furore about the change in the LiveJournal server's location, and note that some friends have in response either moved to Dreamwidth completely or decided to duplicate their posts there.  Of course I will subscribe to and allow access to anyone to whom I've given access on LiveJournal, but I don't myself see much to panic about in the change. 
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I can't make head nor tail of the new form of Livejournal - as far as I can see I  have to search for friends one at a time, not have them come up all together.  So I may not see things posted there for a while.  :(
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Oh my! How do you people manage it all?  I know several of you work on multiple stories at once, but I'm finding it's extremely tricky just to juggle two.  :)

But there you go! NFE has started,and what can you do?  I have huge distractions coming up in mid-July, which will stop me writing anything at all, I expect, for a fortnight, so I'm trying to get a good start on the NFE story now.  'Ivory' though, is likely to go v-e-r-y slowly for the time being.  If I can just manage one more chapter this weekend, then I'll feel I can with honour declare an intermission.

In other news, the new work is going well. :)  And I opened a Dreamwidth account just now,  mostly because I so much didn't like the recent change on LJ.  Haven't set up the journal yet,though.  :)


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