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Links first!

The Royal Society has been publishing in science matters for 350 years, and is celebrating by flinging all their online archives open free until the end of November. 

Here's an interesting and fun interview with a Tourette's Syndrome activist. (about ten minutes, you tube.)

Here are some great photos of Kazakh eagle hunters - like falconers, except they ride out with eagles on their wrists.  There's a recording of an interview with someone who's just written a book, too, but I haven't listened to that, just looked at the pictures. (Do I hear cries of "shame!" out there?)

Late addition!  News from the Melbourne Cup!  I love that it was an outsider who won,that it was a female jockey, that her brother (with Down's Syndrome) is working right alongside her as a strapper

Full Moon!

Oct. 27th, 2015 03:52 pm
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There was a most glorious nearly-full moon last night.  I'm looking forward to the really full one tonight - though of course it might by then have slipped into just-past-full-moon; the pleasure of knowing which is still to come.  :)   

(It looks like there's some lovely conjunctions coming up, too - but they'll be early morning… I'm not too sure I can manage that.)


There's absolutely no exciting news in my life; 


dull news follows - )



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