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And the NFE 2013 is almost finished.  All the reveals went up days ago; the brilliant! story which was written for me, 'Mazy Rings, Troublesome Things' was written by amazing rthstewart, and I expect she is tired of hearing how knocked sideways I am by it.  :)  Truly, it's really magical, absolutely satisfying story. If you haven't read it... I really really urge you to!  :) 

My own story, 'The Meeting of Three Powers, and what came of it' is now up on AO3  and on  ffnet   :)   I was greatly helped by lovely runesnspoons, who beta'd, and encouraged very very kindly and patiently!  Thank you, runesnspoons!  :) 
It was a Susan/Lune story, and not the only one in the Exchange - nor the only one which came out at NFE time, either. The very day before it went public, the prompter, pencildragon11, (thank you for the prompt!) had published her own Susan romance story (set about fifteen years earlier),  won with false dice  on ffnet, neatly bookending the HHB story between them !  :)

I enjoyed writing 'Three Powers', though it wasn't telling about a ship I ship at all.  :)  What I most enjoyed was thinking about (and working out what the Pevensie reaction might have been to) the huge political repercussions of all the later events of HHB; everywhere must have been in turmoil - that and Rabadash. I didn't want him just left as a snarling figure of fun; I wanted him to take steps to being the person Susan must have first seen in him.  He does manage this, in the story;to take first steps, in response to Susan's appeal. He achieves the generosity he has been conspicuously lacking, and gives her not just two of the best, but the absolute best horses in his stables, even though - he's no fool - he must know exactly why she wants horses at sundown at the north gate.  Maybe I should have rewritten it, to make that clearer, but life's been too full-on.  Also, I liked the thought, which is not stated in the story at all, that Susan asks him for the horses knowing that Rabadash needed to be able to give her something, having had everything else he wanted to give her, rejected.  My head-canon is that he does indeed manage bit by bit, throughout his life, to make the transformation into his better self, even though history records him as an ass.  (Yes, I'm a sucker for a happy ending.)

It was a fantastic experience, to be part of NFE 2013.  (so many terrific stories!)  Thanks to everybody who made it happen, in whatever way, :), and to those (rthstewart again!  runesnspoons again! autumnia!)  who encouraged me to be part of it (because it is seriously daunting when there are so many brilliant writers involved)  and especially to wonderful snacky., who did lots of things I don't know anything about and NFE happened as a result.  Thank you!  It was hugely involving (still is!  Madness starts in about two breaths' time)  and I loved it!  :)


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