Mar. 30th, 2013 12:07 pm
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I've been having fun with names for Chapter Two of The Ivory Merchants.  Chapter One had just three new names (Windseer, Hoom and Gul) but in Chapter Two I really launch out, with:
Crimtwing, Pryclaw, Quick-in-all, Sootfeather, Diamond, Brightbeak and Koreek.
Planned for future chapters are Ginrish, Sudaraht, Garaht. Visareth. Faunus, Atrementus (to be fair, those last two are pseudonyms in the story), Nerrina, Edret, Sharpscry and Mnaerundunda.

And... good heavens!  see the benefits of an idle post on LJ!  I had just written that list of names (and was going to ask if you could tell from the names who was what), when I saw that one of them (besides Diamond) had not shown up on the spellcheck, and when I went and googled it, lo! it was a real name, which ran the risk of leading to the Calormen/Arab identification (and was also, it seems, the name of a character in (on?) World of Warcraft).  So I have taken it off the list, and now I'll have to find another name for that character.

In other news:  I watched Lizzie Bennet's Diary and was disappointed that they bowdlerised the ending, deeming it not fit for delicate modern ears to hear that Lydia escaped the bosom of her uncaring family, and ended up managing her own life, in  a scrappy sort of way. Jane Austen's sardonic grittiness revamped into Little Pemberley on the Prairie
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I don't know... the Lydia diary I saw today, No 29, has left me wondering if this whole relationship with Wickham is not so disastrous after all.

Spoilers, if anyone hasn't read the book.  :)

To hear her say "I feel good enough for somebody for once... it's really nice" was very moving,and revealed such a bleak landscape of years of insecurity.  Even if Wickham is a jerk, and he is, he is giving Lydia a taste of feeling adequate and loved.  What she's doing, putting her sense of self-worth on such a shaky foundation, is hideously risky --  it leaves me feeling like some croaking aunt on the sidelines, saying "it won't last!".  (and it won't. :(  )  But in the meantime, she has found someone who makes her feel, as it seems for the first time, loved and valued.  Wickham mightn't have intended to give her that, as Wickham in the book didn't intend to give her the status and security of a married woman, but for the time being, she has it.

BookLydia's life is permanently impinged by Wickham, but she manages, and is "Lydia still", as the book says -- unabashed, zesty, snarky, seizing everything she can even the top place at the table, pushing spinster Jane back into second.  She comes up a winner, or undefeated, at least, when a lesser person would have whimpered away, crushed. The last we hear of her she is trying it on, asking for a "job for the boys" from Darcy -- she doesn't get it, but she's got the gall to try, and I have to admire her for it (as someone who would probably never have a tenth that amount of bravado.) 

There should be a disaster hanging over the whole family, and I can't quite see it, but this episode makes me feel (or hope) that Lydia, though her assurance of being "good enough" is based on an insecure foundation right now, will come through finally to knowing she is good enough, and can make her life on her own undaunted terms.  I'm cheering for you, Lydia!


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