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:)  Third and last.  Well, I trust not the last happy day I'll have -- grave misgivings!! -- but the last of the three days when I undertook to write out three happy things that happened.  So, today:

1.  I discovered a new way through back lanes to the Post Office!  which takes me for part of the way alongside a quiet canal, with trees growing and leaning over the water.  And also in the same happiness, I posted two letters which needed to be posted!  :)

2.  I had a part-share in a NFE Madness Round story - How the Skeleton Aches, by Elizabeth Culmer (edenfalling), which was adroitly addressed to the prompts of five recipients!  And tells of Polly and Digory, once again facing the problem of evil loose in the world.

3.  And as well, I had a whole story linked to a prompt I'd posted!  Lost and Found, by Transposable_Element (who has another linked story in the same collection: The Little Sea).  Both of these deal with King Lune's Queen, especially in terms of her motherhood - prospective, actual, grieving, relinquishing.

So... that's three wonderful and happy things for me today, and thank you redsnake for the inspiration.  (Well, the stories themselves aren't all happy, of course, because they deal with some tough stuff.  But getting them was happy.)


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Oh, this beautiful country!  I spent the full day of New Year's Day travelling by train from one state to the next, and it was just blissful!  The land outside the windows unrolled in its totally enrapturing minimalist beauty -- the pale, pale gold of post-harvest paddocks, and always behind a dark green smudge of trees along the horizon, and over them the big open glorious sky...and all the way I read -- totally rivetted! -- The Curse of Chalion (thank you, Ruth!  for the recommendation!  I had gone to the internet and found a secondhand bookseller who had it in stock, and sought them out, and bought it, all on the last day of 2012.  :)  )

And now back to here, where the air is so clear, and the light is so sharp -- just to be able to breathe it, to see it, feels like a joy and a privilege --- and the sea!! where I swam last night after the heat had gone from the day, and then again this morning, at six, before the heat set in.  The beaches in Adelaide (where I am now) are ... also minimalist. :)  Not "scenery" at all, not dramatic, but long horizontal lines of sea and sand, and tufty dry grasses on the low sandhills -- clear, clear waters (right now -- after rain or stormy weather it would be different)  and white sand beaches, and the huge blue, blue sky, and such gentle beaches, so families and little children playing -- honestly, honestly, it feels like innocence, Edenic -- I can hardly (right now!) imagine anything more beautiful.

And I have a new laptop -- the old one died, taking with it my draft of a story for the NFFR-party challenge, and I have been trying to recreate it from memory (which never works -- gloom, gloom) and because it is so hot a day I have come to the library, which has airconditioning!  (ahhhhh!).   And so... back to it! I hope the year is going well for everyone. :)


Nov. 19th, 2012 01:02 pm
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Well, the last chapter of the story I'm writing was feeling immovably stuck, and I really, really wanted to finish it this week.  : ( 

So... I took some time away from it completely over the weekend, and had a most breathtaking time in a river-cave -- limestone folds and pinnacles and arches, and dark, dark, and water dripping and the river rippling.  That is, it was dark except where there were lights -- I'd be edgy and uncomfortable in genuine underground total blackness, but there were shadowy places enough to mean that I had to be constantly alert to duck my head from the low roof, and to enjoy the mysteriousness of it all.  Ahhh... so many beautiful places in the world!


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