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This week began on the fiftieth anniversary of the death of C S Lewis, but here we are, more cheerfully, at the 115th anniversary of his birth.   And to finish up, some gentle ramblings about...



And that's the end of the series!  Thank you to everyone who has commented on all of this. I really appreciated the encouragement, and enjoyed the discussions!  I'd love to hear other people's head-canons, sometime, whenever the time is right.  :)

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Partly because the Thanksgiving feast a lot of you are having is a harvest feast (more or less) but mostly because I am now rummaging around in the bottom of my headcanon barrel, and this is one of the last scraps which looks respectable enough for the light of day, and short enough not to wear people out reading it. 

Seventh in the series:

Just one more to go. It's an eight-day week!  :)

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Oh my!  running late(ish).  But all sorts of things have been happening today (all good).

Sixth in the series:


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Oh my... a long day's work, and so I'll just post a very unassuming piece of head-canon.  :)  

Fifth in the series:

Some unrecorded incursions into the Narnian world )

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More head-canon, for fun and profit!  Okay, not really for profit, but really for mild fun (including fierce and fun debates when appropriate!  ;-)  ) as celebration of fifty years or 115, as you like it.

Fourth in the series


How come Mrs Beaver had a sewing machine? )

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Today I finally saw Joss Whedon's Much Ado about Nothing, so my mind is full of how humans blunder through their relationships, and sometimes mess them up badly.  So...

Third in the series:

Did Caspian and Ramandu's daughter live happy ever after? )

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And of course, it's fifty years ago today that the first Doctor Who episode aired, so in honour of that, I've made today's head-canon the most timey-wimey one.

Second in the series:


How did Jadis make it always Winter? )

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Fifty years today since C. S. Lewis died (and other famous people, as rthstewart has reminded me!) and to mark the week (since it is also almost 115 years since he was born) I'm offering a week's-worth of scraps of my Narnian head-canon.

First in the series:

Why Prince Caspian has fair hair )

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I've been cut off the internet for nearly  week, and it's been both depressing and interesting to find how little I know, when I don't have that storehouse of information at my fingertips.  Also, of course, it means I've not been reading here much (apart from when I managed to get a short time in an internet cafe) so I expect there's much I've missed - and maybe new stories, too, on AO3 or fanfiction.net.  I'll look through and see what I can see!  :)

Without the internet, I've been consoling myself by spare-time reading of several Shakespeare plays I hadn't read, or hadn't read lately, or hadn't read with much attention, or just plain felt like reading.
From the list: )

In the meantime the fandom fundraising for the Philippines has raised over twelve thousand dollars, which I think is brilliant. :)

And tomorrow is the 22nd of November, which is the beginning of a C. S. Lewis week (since he died on the 22nd and was born on the 29th.  Sounds time-travelly, doesn't it?) in honour of which I will attempt to post a scrap of Narnian head-canon every day.  Stay tuned!  :)

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I have tried a dozen times to see how to structure 'The Ivory Merchants', with no luck yet; hence a rambly post on background.  The story itself is bouncing off Avia Scott Tantella's sad and beautiful story, 'What the Elephants Forgot' (http://www.fanfiction.net/s/6373192/1/What-the-Elephants-Forgot), though from the Narnian and Telmarine side of things rather than the Elephants' own POV.  But before I could get to the much later trade in ivory, I felt I needed to revisit the first Council set up by Aslan in 'The Magician's Nephew', and also a successor Council some five generations later.Rambly background re the Council )


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