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Two fannish things

1. Nirvana in Fire - I'm getting deeper in; the turnings of the plot are getting grimmer and more challenging -  not in terms of visible bloodshed, but more in terms of the damage wreaked by ruthless and amoral politicking.  That sounds so simple - like the Sheriff of Nottingham - but it isn't like that; nothing is simple and innocence is lost, and the consequences of actions keep rippling out forever. 
The damage, including spiritual damage, rebounds everywhere, including on those who commit to wrenching things and people back from their destructive trajectories, to restore right.  I'm reminded of Shakespeare: "the time is out of joint.  Oh cursed spite that ever I was born to set it right."

2. Halfamoon has finished, I suppose; at least, it was billed as running for the first fourteen days of February.  As the organisers half-anticipated, people's engagement was way down this year.  I myself couldn't seem to manage any fiction; I posted three short pieces about characters who met the prompt criteria - appreciations of bad, wonderful Senora Madeline Neroni, and of two of the women in Nirvana in Fire, and of Missee Lee, who is, IMO right now, the most stunningly impressive heroine in all of twentieth century children's fiction.

Two LJ things - one pleasant, one puzzling

1. The problem I mentioned a little while back, about difficulty updating an entry, is now solved - thank you, <user name=maraun.livejournal.com>!  (And the trouble there, in that last sentence, is all Dreamwidth's.  I've tried three separate ways to link to maraun, beginning and ending with the style set out in DW's FAQ.  None of them has worked.)

2. In my inbox is a message reading, in its entirety: "(You are not authorized to view this comment.)"  Then why send it to me?   (Is there any person who's sent me a message which I seem to be ignoring, perhaps?)

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The stuff that's happening in the US - I don't know what to say.  There are so many things happening so fast - and as [personal profile] twistedchick  posted some days back, behind the smokescreen of the more publicly outrageous things, other very damaging things might be happening, like the proposed sell-off of public land, where according to the Guardian, "the sale does not [even] have to make money for the federal government".  (I added the "even" because I think it's a staggering aspect.)

editing to add:  this link spells out the scenarios, much more informedly than I could, what might be behind the "smokescreen" I was talking about.

All honour to those who are making a stand against unethical, illegal or immoral acts, especially the former Acting Attorney-General, who is one of those described in last Sunday's psalm, about those who can't be moved or shaken, who stand by their undertakings, (as she, Sally Yates, stood by her oath to uphold justice) and don't sell out the innocent - for money or a career move or for anything else.  
I said especially her, but I suppose there are others not in the public eye, in humbler positions who dare not go public, but are quietly not selling out the innocent.  All honour to them, and may they one day get their due as people who upheld humanity when the system around them went the other way.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to trawl through mainstream media for good news on a daily basis, following [personal profile] megpie71 's lead.  Not always easy to find things, but I find it useful, to keep afloat.

February means that halfamoon has opened - fourteen days of celebrating women in fandom.  

I'm not feeling any fiction nudging to be written by me, but I'll be contributing by posting about some women characters, anyway, and maybe about a TV series which is crammed with women characters.

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It's all [personal profile] rthstewart 's fault, said [personal profile] autumnia  (here), and indeed it is!  meaning, the ever-evolving three-sentence ficathon, place of wonders and many, many bypaths.  I'm not quite keeping up, but then I don't think anybody is keeping up totally.  I'm about to head out for the day, but I'll try to get to properly  reading through this evening.

I've posted fourteen fills, of which four are arguably Narnian, and two are distinctly Tolkien, and one is a crossover of the two, but I've also had great fun with older fictions of various sorts, and new fandoms that I don't really know, and in general have been feeling again the fun side of writing, and a sense of community at play.  :)  I'll post them on aO3 (and linkto this journal) when the weekend is done, and the reading/writing/posting slows down for the working week, before next weekend's probable new flurry of additions.  :D  

Meantime, thank you, Ruth, and everybody, for it all - not just the prompts and great ficlets, but also the way it leads to undiscovered books and tales, by way of prompts unknown - such as the book The Leaky Establishment, which I'd never heard of, and which sounds a must-read, and the Czech Cinderella version called Three Hazelnuts for Cinderella, which has set my mind off running after all the stories of women using nuts (mostly hazelnuts?) to solve dilemmas.  (Does anybody have any of these? - I know of another Cinderella-ish one, and Kate Crackernuts, but I'm sure I've read more... )  and the opening up of new fandoms of things I've read or seen, but never, never thought of writing in!  (Bertie Wooster!  terrifying Greek myth! pictures!!)

The Fairy-feller's Master-stroke

and on a quieter note, [community profile] halfamoon has come to an end.  I don't feel I ever quite connected with what was going on, but I managed to post a single story, and then at the last minute posted as well a list of those stories from NFE 2014 which were specifically female-centric. 


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