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Dreamwidth just lost an entire draft post.  :(  Bother.  To be fair, it may be related to the internet being out of commission for half the day, and not DW's fault at all.  (Is anyone on Dreamwidth reading this, by the way?) 

As best I can remember it included talk of:

Doctor Who, Season 18, State of Decay.  I thought the plot was too much of a rehash of the old Sevateem idea (which was a good idea in itself), the acting was particularly bad, especially in the main cast (K9 excepted), and the Doctor's strategy for overcoming the resident evil (whose very name I've forgotten) looked awfully haphazard - the writers missed an opportunity for Adric to do ultra-high maths with K9, to ensure accuracy of execution.  As it was, Adric was looking more like a liability than an alert and useful companion.  I'd feel sorry for the  Doctor, except he was a bit annoying, too.

Shakespeare.  I'm gradually dragging the words out of my brain for the Stageoffools exchange, though with (of course) many qualms that this isn't what my recipient wants.  But I'll finish a first draft and then think again.

Tam Cam, the Untold Story - which was a movie based on a Vietnamese fairy-tale with lots of similarities to Cinderella.  (Tam is the "Cinderella"; Cam is the "Ugly Stepsister").  The untold part of the story included lots of fighting - the one-on-one martial arts kind, and the big CGI battles kind - and not one, but two CGI monsters - the bad scorpionesque one and the good leonine one.  What startled me most was the final, mid-credits scene of Tam and her wicked stepmother - Tam bringing to the stepmother a brimming bowl of some mixed stew, and saying "Eat, mother."  I thought - "oh - noble Tam - even after all the cruelty and wrong she's suffered, she displays filial piety to her father's wife."  But it wasn't that at all.   Oh dear.

Pulses:  this weekend just gone - the good old standby Chilli Beans, with red kidney beans, tomato and chilli and much else.

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So much is happening!  For starters, the wonderful [personal profile] rthstewart  is running a three sentence ficathon, which is bubbling like crazy, in  a ferment of creativity ranging across more fandoms than you can poke a stick at.  (Moominland!  I'll have to find out about Moominland!)

It's loads of fun, and you don't have to be a member of Dreamwidth to join in, so... :)  now's the time!  
(I've so far posted prompts for Swallows and Amazons, and Wimseyworld, and Hercule Poirot> - any takers?)

And simultaneously there is the halfamoon: 14 days of celebrating women festival happening, with fics nd vids and .... all sorts of fannish female-focussed activity.  In celebration of which, I've just posted a story relating to today's theme, Transformations.  :) 

And as well, there's the Once Upon a Fic Exchange, which is still open for nominations!  I'm not too late!  Hurry, helio, hurry!

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I am almost submerged in the full-on-ness of being back with family and friends and trying to catch up with everyone, let alone juggling for the big cousins-and-all things over the weekend, but...
I thought I absolutely had to come and share this magical, fairy-tale-come-true story from Australia, of trees with golden leaves, (or a little bit gold, anyway).  :)


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