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This gadget sounds really useful!  I have a coconut scraper made like a small stool, with the scratching part sticking out one side.  This is fun (in a mild way) but the sharp teeth sticking out at shin level aren't the best plan for kitchen furniture.  A bench-mounted, relocatable, had-whirled scraper sounds just the ticket!

I've been reading quite a bit, here and there -
  • reading the book Nation by Terry Pratchett, and thinking (so far, three chapters in) that it's very good, but erratic and a bit patchy.
  • have read the book Olive, by Mrs Craik, which interesting as a record of thinking on various matters (women's art being marginalised/suppressed, physical "deformity" cutting a woman out of the marriage market, race, religion) - but is not particularly worth much as a novel.
  • reading The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu, which sketches out much fascinating material, so far, but isn't really catching fire (bad metaphor, in the circumstances).
And beginning to brace myself for March, which is shaping as a pretty full-on month.

This was also a test-post on cross-posting to LJ; it seems to have worked fine.

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Oh, pooh!  Crummy old Dreamwidth has lost a great chunk of draft post.  Well - so it goes.  I'll be back with a new yearish post in a day or so, but in the meantime, have some thoughts on two books read recently. 

Dark emu, black seed
- Bruce Pascoe.  Read more... ) 
Under Siege - Literary life in London, 1939-1945 - Robert Hewison.  Read more... )

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I've seen the furore about the change in the LiveJournal server's location, and note that some friends have in response either moved to Dreamwidth completely or decided to duplicate their posts there.  Of course I will subscribe to and allow access to anyone to whom I've given access on LiveJournal, but I don't myself see much to panic about in the change. 
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Oh my! How do you people manage it all?  I know several of you work on multiple stories at once, but I'm finding it's extremely tricky just to juggle two.  :)

But there you go! NFE has started,and what can you do?  I have huge distractions coming up in mid-July, which will stop me writing anything at all, I expect, for a fortnight, so I'm trying to get a good start on the NFE story now.  'Ivory' though, is likely to go v-e-r-y slowly for the time being.  If I can just manage one more chapter this weekend, then I'll feel I can with honour declare an intermission.

In other news, the new work is going well. :)  And I opened a Dreamwidth account just now,  mostly because I so much didn't like the recent change on LJ.  Haven't set up the journal yet,though.  :)


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