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Mar. 1st, 2028 06:24 pm
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Just to gather up in one place the various scattered bits and pieces I have done - mostly Narnia, some Doctor Who, a few other pieces from here and there:

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The first episode of the new series unexpectedly came my way over the weekend, so I watched it, mostly to see what I thought of Peter Capaldi. (I abandoned Doctor Who at "The Girl Who Waited", in Season Six. Pah!) 
I thought he was what you'd expect -- a solid, experienced actor, able to work the script to good effect.  The script itself I didn't think much of -- button-pushing, script-by-numbers, for the most part, but I thought the android's see-through head was brilliant.  And the actor, too, of course.  :)   (And, speaking of aliens' appearances, Strax seemed, curiously enough, less visually convincing than I remember him, or any other Sontarans, being before.)

Apart from that, nothing that would draw me back into watching, though I did wonder... that garden at the end looked a lot like the garden in "The Girl Who Waited".  Can it be that they realise how totally abysmal the ending of that episode was, and plan to unpick it all and start again? 

In other news, trying to write the NFE story is like trying to wade through peanut butter.  Very, very bland peanut butter.  :(

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Today I really want to make a serious push to get a good first draft of the story I'm writing for fandomaid.  So far it's proving to be a fascinating business, and taking me right out of my comfort zone, since I gave up Doctor Who at the end of Season Six, and the request calls for Clara - intense research has been happening.  :D

And then as soon as that's done, the fandomaid story, I'll be into the next chapter of 'Ivory'. (I posted Chapter Eleven, by the way, last weekend.  It's here.)

But this morning, so far, I haven't been writing, I have been mulling more about Shakespeare - still thinking through the Joss Whedon version of Much Ado About Nothing.  I'm now thinking he didn't go far enough in the sleaziness of the Messina world.  There's very light touches of it (the concealed guns, the private guards, the strange semi-military structure of things, the non-stop lies and manipulation - by everyone except Beatrice and Benedick?  I must think that through.  Oh, and not the Dogberry gang, either, of course) but it's all still the bright comedy, where we're meant to see the ending as happy. 
But if this were played as a real view of the underworld, with a gangster family all in the know about what  horrible trade their party-money comes from, it would make "Kill Claudio" absolutely straight, grim and believable - i.e. Beatrice as the child of a gang hanger-on calling on another hanger-on to cut down a member of the gang - which would be a huge thing to ask, probably fatal for Benedick as well as Claudio.  And Hero's "happy-ever-after" gaining of the man she's obsessive about (but a gangland leader's daughter gets to have the man she wants, to meet the gang-leader's "honour") would at least acknowledge how really ambivalent and edgy the ending is,with Hero and Claudio affirming their membership of an ultimately destructive organisation.  And Beatrice and Benedick as the two who at least try at the end to get right out of that world - whether they can succeed left undetermined. 

But these are thoughts I need to set right aside, and get down to Doctor  Who!

Fixing it

May. 25th, 2013 10:01 am
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Well, I think my Doctor Who catch-up marathon is nearly at an end.  Last night I watched Season 6, Episode 10, The Girl Who Waited, and was totally, totally outraged and Fed Up.

It's been building for a while, what with all the "Do I have your permission to give your wife a hug?" business, and "Ask my parents, if you want to marry me" and "She's a woman" (line tossed off by the Doctor somewhere, to explain irrationality).  But that episode... that took me over the edge.

And so I have written my second, and I think last-ever, Doctor Who fanfic, to fix things once and for all.   It's here.  (Ummm.. and it's violent.)

(The first was also to fix things, and like this one, written in a rush of fury.  :)   That time, it was for Donna and Mercy Hartigan, both of whom got a rough deal, and one of whom needed all the help that the other could give.  And it isn't violent.)
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So... I finally got around to obtaining the four 2009 Dr Who specials which weren't in my boxed set of Seasons 1-6, and so I have caught up on what happened to the Tenth Doctor before he turned into the Eleventh Doctor... and I hated the end.
That epilogue round of pay-offs to selected old companions I thought stank! The idea that you set someone up with a sexual encounter with a third (unknowing!) party as a way to say 'thanks' is just low, as is the idea that what he did to Donna (and goes on having done) can be paid off by a big lottery win... this is so empty in both vision and decency that .... urrrhhhh.

The awfulness of that epilogue is what is staying with me now, but when I saw the 'New Doctor' episode I was depressed, as well, putting it together with 'Journey's End', and went in indignant haste and posted on AO3 to try to rewrite that history - which, apart from the three-sentences fictions, was the first time I have ventured out of Narnia in fanfiction.  That was before I saw the last special ('The End of Time') and I suppose it's now totally not possible that my story could happen.  Is that ('The End of Time') the last we see of Donna?  :(

On a different topic:  trying to get period-accurate vocabulary.   I flailed around a bit recently, trying to find a way to say something like "clever-clogs" in a way which was likely to have been said by one schoolboy (a Pevensie) to another in 1940ish as well as being understandable and not a stumbling-block to readers.  I didn't actually succeed (not a big problem) but I found that has (down the bottom, RHS; it only shows up after you have looked up a word) a section which graphs usage of whichever word it is you're looking up over the last ten years, fifty years, hundred years or three hundred years!  I have just, as an example, looked up the word "spiffing",and seen that it was (apparently) first used around 1770, that it fell into disuse quickly, rose again through the first half of the twentieth century, and then declined towards the end of that century, hitting a peak (discounting an inexplicable spike in 1963) around 1950.  Spiffing!
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Tonight's episode was Vincent and the Doctor, and since I was so extremely cross in yesterday's entry, I've hurried online to post and say that I loved this one. It seemed like the episode when the visuals people (cameras, sets, lighting) were given their heads, and it was luscious to look at, even from the very opening shot of the field of wheat, and I loved the parts about Van Gogh's perceptions - the Starry, Starry Night fragment was beautiful. The  museum guide, too.  And the mildly serious way that depression/mental health was dealt with, especially that even one hugely amazing world-shaking cheer-up session might not be the magic cure.  (Liked that part very much, though, and how much it made the viewer want urgently for it to do that --- but it couldn't.)

So... just wanted to say that I thought this episode was really getting into the question of what makes human.  (or what breaks human, I guess.)
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Well, posted another chapter, more or less, of 'The Ivory Merchants'. I say 'more or less', because it's about half of what I wanted to put into Chapter Five; I'm getting impatient to have those who are going to go, go, and be on their way to meet the Elephants.   But there's a lot of talking and setting up to be done first, about half of which I managed to get done and posted, but about half of which is still needing to be actually written.  :( So, one more talky chapter before I can get to action. Bother!

In other news, I've been continuing on the Great Doctor Who Catch-up, and am now well into Amy Pond, and not very impressed with the scriptwriters (or overall concept makers?  how much say do the scriptwriters actually have?).
I got very fed up with the David Tennant-era Doctor, who thought shouting and brow-beating was the best way to convince any problem at all to go away, and also fed up with the repeated, very transparent, teenaged boy fantasies of simultaneously saving the world and having every woman you meet fall in love with you. Catherine Tate's arrival and heavily stressed refusal to do that made me think I wasn't the only one who had noticed there was a total overdose of the Irresistibleness delusion -- that someone in the management team had said "give us a break,will you?"

But what the scriptwriters did to her in the end was despicable.Cut for spoilers and ranting )

On the other hand, having seen these means I can now read cheerfully all those wonderful fics and crossovers which are set in Ninth and Tenth Doctor time, and those are wonderful! Case in point: by intriKate,  'That Blackbird Grief' a story which made me, as crabby and cynical as I am, want to go back and watch all of Doctors Nine and Ten again, and is a wonderful, wonderful story anyway.  (Did I say "wonderful" more than once?  Will somebody please hand that woman a thesaurus?)
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Oh, come on, scriptwriters!  Three evildoers die in beatific Great Spiritual Realisation in four episodes?? Can't you think of anything else to do with them?
There was:
the Cardiff-Mayor-Slitheen -- terminated in ecstasy on perceiving the heart of the Tardis (lightshow);
trampoline woman -- terminated in ecstasy on perceiving the frailty and loveliness of humanity (no lightshow), and now;
werewolf -- terminated in ecstasy on receiving the hyped-up blast of moonlight (lightshow, and Christ-like posture)
This is pretty blinking lazy scriptwriting.

And I still don't like this hyped-up, my-way-or-the-highway Doctor.  Who is he, to decide who lives or dies? It's not as if he doesn't make mistakes, ever.
On the other hand, I did like Queen Victoria shooting the bad monk (I like capable women!), and I was very intrigued to gather that Torchwood (which I've never seen any of) is anti-Doctor!

And...  I've practically drowned trying to read through in the three-sentence ficathon, but have managed three sentences, and right now, having been given an unexpected two hours off work, I will go and add three more, and then see if I can sort out the second chapter of The Ivory Merchants. :)
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So... the Ninth Doctor is gone, and I'm very sorry about that,because I liked him very much, and I liked that run of episodes generally (though I thought the last one was OTT)  -- I thought the Empty Child was chilling and thrilling, and the best of the season. This new Doctor, the Tenth Doctor, I don't like much at all, but I guess I'm stuck with him, because I didn't hear anything about the Tenth Doctor being only one season.  So far I've seen just one episode of him, and I am passionately opposed to his political sabotage.

I have spent the last three days struggling with an all-singing, all-dancing* report, and not writing fic, but did just manage three sentences and a prompt for rthstewart's three-sentence ficathon.

Other writing -- is being deeply thought about.  :(  After the discussion on  NFFR-Party I did rewrite one scene from the POV of an entirely new character (well, he was in the plot, but hadn't been a POV character) .  Further thinking is required.

*not true about the singing and dancing!


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